# Shunt Lounge

# link: http://www.shunt.co.uk

# created 2007

# The SHUNT LOUNGE is a members' bar,
deep in the tunnels under London Bridge Station.
Open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Doors open from 6 PM to 11 PM
(but once inside the bar is open late).
Each week will be curated by a different Shunt artist.
Some will fill the space with nonstop entertainment,
some will do next to nothing.
Fortunately the bar staff are more reliable.

Shunt is a collective of 10 artists creating large-scale
performance events in unexpected, abandoned or
derelict buildings throughout London.

Wellcome to the world of cardboard! Shunt ask for a
very unique website that combines the crafty world of
cardboard with a demanding site where they can update
weekly events and galleries, have audience registered
to newsletter and database, selling online tickets and more…

We are currently fitting the anarchic design to Drupal,
making this a very active website.

Keep an eye on it!