# MissMao

# link: http://www.missmao.co.uk

# created 2006

# Never thought of creating a site just for an event?
MissMao was an exhibition curated in a private house by
Helen Marshall in collaboration within Chinese and British artists.

The catalyst for the show, the Gao Brother’s ‘MissMao’, was seen
here for the first time outside China. ‘MissMao’ is one of a series
of red, silver, gold and white idols originally made in mud before
being cast in fibreglass, and ranges in size from 2-20 feet high.
Prior to its journey to Europe, it was shrouded in sack-cloth to avoid
confiscation during police inspections. In fact, until 2003 the
Gao Brothers themselves were on a government blacklist and
unable to leave China. In recent years, Gao Zhen, 50, and Gao
Qiang, 44, both from Shandong Province, are part of a new wave
of Chinese artists showing at an international level.

We created this site as a promo for the event and also as a showcase
and as a debate fuelling amongst the artists from both countries.

The show, planned to go to China was cancelled due
censorship laws in this country.

The site remains…