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PauWeb is my brand of Web design. I’m a freelancer with a background in photography and the arts. I offer high quality, professional and reliable web services at affordable prices, more often than not working within the creative industries.

I started 10 years ago doing html static websites. Things have changed a lot since and the web has evolved beyond belief. After a period of time working with code developer Adrian C. in Drupal sites, I’ve converted to WordPress.

For the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been enjoying and learning WP, with all the goodies it brings, themes, plugins and more… I’m now confident to sustain that I can offer the best websites on the market!

I work applying best practices and reliable platforms, including hosting services.

I can design, host, develop your site, and help you with SEO, email campaigns and online positioning.

You better call PauWeb!

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