# link: www.imfmusic.org

# created 2005

# Islington Music Forum is a company limited by guarantee and
a registered Charity providing music services across the London
borough of Islington in both mental health settings and within
mainstream arts venues.

Islington Music Forum was founded in November 1998 setting up
an acoustic music club in response to a demand from mental health
service users for music activities within mental health day centres.

This website is dedicated to people who love music and the arts
and want to get more involved in Islington's creative community.

They wanted a clear website very easy to read and navigate.
Given the nature of the IMF users, access was a priority.
We did make sure that the site was easy to download, viewable in
all browsers and monitor sizes, and the text easy to read.

By the way, they win an award for their fantastic musical Sardines!